Blue/Yellow has been active in Ukraine since 2014 

We have taken as our main task to support the Ukrainian armed forces, fighting Russian agression. The organization has further contributed to taking care of wounded soldiers and provided humanitarian aid to children and civilians in the war zone.

We know the needs and the optimal solutions. We and our partners go to the war zone regularly and provide accurate support to the soldiers and units requiring it.

More than once Blue/Yellow has provided crucial support to military hotspots. For instance, during the fighting at Donetsk Airport, upon urgent request, Blue/Yellow swiftly provided hi-end optical equipment to the Airport defenders, the so called Cyborgs, significantly improving the defenses at a critical point.

We keep supporting tactically significant units and efforts and can swiftly adapt to changing conditions in the conflict zone. We cooperate with the authorities on projects of strategic importance and have a wide network within the military and among the civil population. 

Our activities are in need of continuous support  – feel free to contribute.

Dear visitors!


Welcome to the website of the Blue/Yellow organisation dedicated to supporting Ukraine. The aim of the website is to provide information to visitors from Lithuania, Ukraine and other countries on the activities and plans of the group.

Blue/Yellow is a grassroots movement born online and uniting like-minded people from around the globe. We have volunteers from Lithuania, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, USA, Canada, Poland and other countries.

All of the members of Blue/Yellow are united under a common goal – concrete aid to the Ukrainian soldiers fighting against the aggression that has descended on them from the neighbouring country.

Moral support is not enough. They depend on us all in the quest of preserving their statehood and independence.

It’s no secret that the Ukrainian military is poorly equipped and lacks most of the things that armed forces of other countries have. They badly need ballistic helmets and bulletproof vests as well as durable footwear, military clothing, underwear, thermowear, sleeping bags, tents, personal hygiene supplies, and even food.

This website provides information on the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces, and the ways you can contribute.

Here we will publish lists of required supplies, our activity reports, information on fundraising and cultural events organised to support Ukraine, and related media publications.

Reports will be published in the form of pictures from Ukrainian detachments and voluntary support organisations to show that the aid has reached its destination and how the monetary donations have been used.

Let’s not be indifferent, because the future of Ukraine depends on our actions. We can save lives!

Join us in our effort to help the Ukrainians reach their dream – a country that is united, free, and European! Because in a sense Ukraine is home to us all!